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CAM segmentation using domain extension

CAM divider is used widely, we are unable to imagine. Maybe you think "manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing in China" has just started, in fact far-sighted entrepreneurs or mechanical structure design engineer long before we found out the CAM division of automation equipment, implement and take market as early as possible is the only way out.

Today we are together to share manufacturing automation equipment is how to use the CAM lock core of divider (due to the equipment have a confidentiality requirements, not on the picture).

Lock in our ordinary common people is one of the very common thing, every household has this thing. But many people don't know the shape of lock, actually there is a difference between the internal lock core, its production is the original manual work. But the disadvantage of manual work is outstanding, the following points:

1, the lock is very small, handmade more troublesome.

2, with the general populace lock manufacturing efficiency is low, the price is low, the profit is not high.

3, manual processing trouble, product qualified rate is low.

Therefore, we manufacture the lock core of traditional handicraft must be eliminated, there must be a new mode of production to replace. CAM segmentation as the core of automation equipment can completely solve the problem, we put the lock production process is divided into ten steps, including feeding, cleaning, positioning, drilling, machining, purge, seal, and so on work, the work is completed independently, we can through the wheel set 10 stations, using CAM divider as intermittent movement to complete each work. So that you can realize automatic production, solve the traditional handicraft manufacturing all faults.

Using CAM segmentation can be implemented enterprise workshop assembly line work, change the manual work, improve the production efficiency, reduce cost of production. To realize industrial automation production, it is imperative to!

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Company Info

ZHEJIANG BO XING INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD, proformly called “ZHEJIANG SIXING MACHINING CO., LTD”was founded in 1995, is located in Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province.,There are 400 kilometers from Shanghai port , and about 250 kilometers from Ningbo port in distance.
. Our company covers an area about 35000 square meters with total assets about RMB 150 million Yuan, the building area is about 27000 square meters. There are 550 employees, including more than 60 people who are senior and middle level professional persons.
The Company specialized in producing camshafts and balance shafts of car engines, motorcycle engines, general-use gasoline engines, diesel engine. the annual productivity is about 4.5 million pieces. it has a regular organization, which consists of nine functional departments,, a foundry, three machine plants in the company .
Our company has 450 sets of various types of production equipment, such as CNC cam grinding machines,, CNC lathes, CNC hobbing machines, CNC gear shaving machines, CNC cylindrical grinders, CNC milling machines,, automatic washing machine, etc. The equipment number centralized ratio is over 75%, in 2012s, we company purchese one set of auto cam grinder from Toyoda of Japan whose number is GC20M-63 .
It has enough capability for self-supporting the blank of camshafts and cast pieces. The company's foundry is equipped with a vertical-type non-pressure molding line box shot (ZZ416A) and has an annual output

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